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The reason behind the color we chose.

Since red and blue anodizing colors were already taken by competitors (Hyperdrive, CRC, KSG, and Associated) the best choices were between orange, green, purple, and pewter. Purple was done before by Trinity (?) a while ago, so we left that alone. Apparently some people are superstitious that green should not go on a race car.  Go figure!   It's not a bad thing, as working with green parts on the computer for a while started to get old. It was just too "loud" and distracting over time.

Pewter anodizing can look really nice when it's contrasted right next to raw aluminum.  

Unfortunately, there would be nothing to get the contrast like this, and therefore it would look a lot like it wasn't anodized at all.

When we were looking for the best version of orange, we found it in Monica's (my wife) favorite car, the Saleen S7.  The "Beryllium orange" is a Saleen exclusive color manufactured by BASF. The paint code isn't given to anyone. If you have a Beryllium Saleen and it needs repainting, you have to take it to Saleen, they VIN match it, get the paint special ordered, paint it, and have to send the leftover paint back to BASF!

So we sent in some aluminum parts and these pictures to our aluminum anodizer.  The parts came back and they nailed it first try!  Although we can't provide you with a Saleen S7, we can at least provide the color :)


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