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             Dominic's 17.5 Spec Setup Sheet                                               Dominic's 13.5 Spec Setup Sheet


       Dominic's 13.5 Open Setup Sheet


                     Dart 2.6 Setup Spreadsheet                                                                          McDominator Setup Spreadsheet

                          Dart 1.0 Setup Sheet                                                       Peter's Dart 1.0 13.5 COT Setup

Dyno Excel Spreadsheet


1600 x 1280 Wallpaper.  Click one, then right click, "Set as Background".


Dyno Version 2.0


Dyno 2.0 Computer control  and voice control tutorial


Dyno version 2.0  Excel spreadsheet.



Dyno Version 1.0

Dyno Version 1.0 Owner's Manual (4.08MB)


Dyno Version 1.0 Wiring:  Single load level   3 load levels   6 load levels


Dyno version 1.0 multiple load level spreadsheet.






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