View Full Version : McPappy Racing wins 2018 Snowbird Nationals Oval Cup Championship!

February 14th, 2018, 09:56 PM
Dominic Ruggiere (https://www.facebook.com/dominic.ruggiere?fref=mentions) won the Pro Modified A-Main and took 4th in the 10.5 Open A-Main which makes him the overall Oval Cup Champion. (He was heading for 1st or 2nd in the 10.5 race, but got spun out by lapped traffic). The Championship couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He deserves the win with all of the hard work he has been putting in. We had 2 McPappy cars enter the Pro Mod class, and both Dom and I made it into the A-Main. Same was true for the 10.5 Open class (Dom and Phil Marabella (https://www.facebook.com/phil.marabella?fref=mentions)). I received more and more compliments from other racers as they witnessed how well the McPappy Racing team works together. Dom, Chuck Winters (https://www.facebook.com/chuck.r.winters?fref=mentions), Phil Marabella (https://www.facebook.com/phil.marabella?fref=mentions), Dan Ostrander, Al Sodano (https://www.facebook.com/al.sodano.5?fref=mentions), Charlie Coopey (https://www.facebook.com/charlie.coopey?fref=mentions), Jonathan McMinn (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010876751927&fref=mentions), Ken Hammond (https://www.facebook.com/ken.hammond.14?fref=mentions), John Birmele (https://www.facebook.com/jbirmele1?fref=mentions), Mike Hudak (https://www.facebook.com/mike.hudak.505?fref=mentions), Kurtis Bailey (https://www.facebook.com/kurtis.bailey.96?fref=mentions), Jake Feskanin (https://www.facebook.com/jake.feskanin?fref=mentions), and Ralph Morella are a dream team and we keep adding quality people to the team every year. We look for personality (friendly, helpful, courteous, sportsmanship, etc.) traits as talent and speed can certainly be added later. I couldn't be more proud of the team that we have built, and so many people have been talking about how nice our team is. Great job guys!