This will convert your small 7mm pan car bladder shock (Silva HSP2, XRAY X12, Hot Bodies Cyclone 12, CRC Encore Micro shock, etc.) into an emulsion shock. Emulsion shocks provide instant dampening whereas a bladder shock has a little more springy feel to it due to the bladder movement. This kit will work on any bladder shock with a 6.8mm - 7.0mm diameter piston and cap threads no larger than 9.5mm. To use, simply remove the bladder, replace with the emulsion conversion and o-ring, then screw the shock cap back on.

Since the favorite oval pan car shock is the discontinued Associated VCS shock, we spent quite a bit of time testing and were able to exactly match performance of the Silva HSP2 with this Emulsion Conversion and the Associated VCS.

Silva HSP2 Pros and Cons compared to Associated VCS:


  • No more shock rebuild kits.
  • No more star washers popping off during the race.
  • Seals better, holds oil longer.
  • Longer shock shaft and more threads so your shock collar won't fall off the body.

Since it seals better, slightly more patience is needed when screwing the cap on to get rebound right.

Kit includes enough for 2 shocks:
2 Emulsion Delrin inserts
2 O-rings