Recently with a lot of input and help from James I made some big changes to my setup including upgrading to a McDominator 2.1, with a big focus on weight and weight placement. I had recently picked up a Orca VX3 to try out in place of my old MMP 1cell. After having reviewed the photos in reviews I had thought about removing the case and with a little persuasion from John at BAM Speed I decided to go ahead with it. To Split the case, there are for small Phillips head screws holding a lower plate to the top of the case sandwiching the main case and electronics boards. Once these screws are removed slide the top of the case upwards until it comes of and you will see the upper board. Gently wiggle the upper board to free its pin connectors from the lower board. At this point if the bottom plate has not been removed, remove it and you can push the bottom board gently from the top through the bottom of the case. Once the two boards are removed you can connect them again being careful that you do not bend or break the pins. The two boards effectively sandwich the main case section and allows a lot of heat transfer through the case. To mount my Vx3 and to keep the two boards together, I first started by cutting a bottom piece of Lexan and mounting servo tap to guard from any vibrations or hard hits, then cut another piece of lexan and servo tape to protect the top and wrapped it all together with electrical tape to keep the two boards together and dust and dirt out. You could use heat shrink here like with the MMP ESCs. After all of this I weighed the case and it came out to 0.91 ounces and of coarse fit better on the ESC tab of the chassis. This is a huge amount of weight to be able to move to anther spot in the chassis, and comes out to slightly more then 1 piece of tungsten, so well worth the ability to move this weight lower and to a better position. I have had one race day on this ESC at the track, and with the temps (outdoors) at roughly 88-89 degrees and high humidity, I temped the ESC at 125 degrees after each run so in blinky at least the ESC is not showing any signs of heat issues nor do I expect it to. Not sure in an open timing class how the heat would be though. Below are some pictures of the setup, and I will say that with the ESC wrapped in electrical tape nobody at the track even noticed it or though twice. The pictures below were from initial mockup, so please ignore the wiring.