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We can now provide custom chassis's!  You can order team driver chassis's, modify any existing McPappy chassis, or make your own custom chassis any way you want. Select a chassis from the above drop-down menu and the picture will automatically change. Here are the options:


Adam's Custom Chassis

This chassis specializes in a countersunk Savox servo. The servo is flush with the bottom of the chassis. Dropping this low completely solves bumpsteer while running a flat servo. It also lowers the CG. No locators and one wheelbase option of 10" with 3.0" track width mounting holes. The LF holes are leading by 0.030".   All the tungsten runs vertical (north/south) direction and we moved it just a tad to the left as well. Since there is only a 10" wheelbase option, we stretched the chassis right up to the LF wheel which allows another half piece of tungsten. This chassis has the most tungsten options of any chassis. It can hold a whopping 5 1/2 pieces of tungsten. It was designed for the Savox servo. Other servo's may work with modification.

Lead time: 1 Day


Impact Countersunk Chassis
This is my latest variation of the McDominator that allows you to use a Novak Impact speed controller flush to the bottom of the chassis. In the rear speedo area, you can:

  • Run a speedo on top of the chassis as normal.
  • Run a Novak Impact speedo flush to the bottom of the chassis
  • Run a piece of tungsten under the speedo.

For the second or third option, use a dremel to finish connecting the pre-cut lines.

I also moved the LiPo strap brace to the rear (in between the battery and crossbrace.  This required a very narrow LiPo strap brace (we can provide that for you). Moving the LiPo strap brace to the rear allowed another left side tungsten slot to be opened up under the battery.

Lead time: 3 weeks


Daryl's Custom Chassis

Daryl was the first team driver to take advantage of this new custom chassis service. He also went with the countersunk Impact, and chose not to run tungsten in the rear so it's a clean, Novak Impact only design.  Of course, you can always put a piece of lexan over it and use any speedo. He went without locators and chose a 10" and 9.7" wheelbase with a 3.0" track width mounting holes.  The LF holes are leading by 0.030".

Lead time: 2 weeks


Ryan's Version 2.1 Custom Chassis

Like Daryl, he went without locators and has a 10" and 9.7" wheelbase with a 3.0" track width mounting holes. Although he does not have any LF lead built in.  He did away with the center row of center shock holes as most of us like to use a single upright for the center shock with a Dubro (instead of the old school fuel line tubing). In version 2.0, we changed the tungsten to all run vertical (north/south) direction and we moved it just a tad to the left as well. In version 2.1, we removed the short wheelbase option, and added the option to mount the new crossbrace (as well as the old crossbrace).  More information on the new crossbrace will be coming soon.

Lead time: 3 weeks


Dominic's Custom Chassis

Dom wanted to push the limits on how far left and forward we could move the tungsten.  The carbon fiber is thin for sure.  The tungsten fills the slots nicely and Shoe Goo keeps them in place (even if they are not glued to anything above them).  Filling the tungsten slots gives the carbon fiber a fighting chance to survive a hit from the left. Because he chose to run a 10" wheelbase only, we were also able to extend the carbon fiber material forward towards the LF wheel since he can't run a shorter 9.7" wheelbase. The track width mounting holes are 3.0". There is no LF lead.

Lead time: 3 weeks


Modify an existing McPappy Chassis

If you would also like to try your own variation, this is possible as well. This can be any McPappy (stock or the above listed) chassis or even combinations of any Dart or McDominator.  The above options already have double programming done (CAD and machining), so they are ready to cut another one and therefore are less expensive.  If you want to modify anything (even moving 1 single screw) it's possible, but costs a little more because both the CAD and machining programing has to be re-programmed.

Lead time: 3 weeks


Completely Custom Chassis

We can create any chassis you'd like from the ground up. To protect our fellow competitor's intellectual property, we will not allow you to say something like, "I'd like CeFx t-plate holes, Hyperdrive crossbrace holes, KSG bumper holes, KCM weight reduction cutouts", etc. We don't collect that information and respect our fellow competitors work.  You will need to design and provide all of the dimensions (it doesn't matter if it's created in Paint, on paper, or napkin). We will do the programming and machining.

Lead time: 3 weeks


All custom chassis's are made from strong quasi-isotropic 2.5mm carbon fiber.

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