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Eagle Tree eLogger V4 -100 amp wire leads

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Product Description

The Eagle Tree eLogger V4 is a datalogger the we recommend for our chassis dyno.  This is the 150 amp version with wire leads.  It does data logging up to 50 times per second.  It comes with software that will work on any Windows computer.  


  • Logs pack current to +/- 100 amps peak (150 amps peak with MPRV4-LEADS-150) and voltage from about 5 volts to 80 volts
  • Current is measured with a true Hall Effects Sensor - NOT a power robbing resistance shunt
  • Adjustable logging rate (from 50 samples per second to one sample every 5 minutes)
  • 16 times the logging space of the standard eLogger V3, and lossless data compression. Typically logs all available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz.
  • All data logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed
  • Fully compatible with our OSD Pro expander
  • Includes Y cable for throttle position logging
  • Great for bench monitoring of battery charging also!
  • Accepts optional inexpensive sensors for three Temperatures, RPM (brushless, magnetic or optical), Airspeed, Altitude, GPS, Servo Current, and more
  • Software computes Wattage, mAH, etc. for complete e-flight data
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP™
  • Weighs about 0.8 oz (22 grams). Versions with Wire Leads may weigh slightly more.
  • Comes with our state of the art Windows virtual playback display and graphing software
  • Powerful Graphing software has advanced charting features, such as amps vs volts
  • Internet Updatable firmware - as we add new features or (heaven forbid) have a firmware bug, the update is just a download away! No need to ship hardware back and forth.
  • Full support for English and Metric units.
  • Software has built in English, German and Chinese language.

More details can be seen on Eagle Tree Systems web site.

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