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Bumpstop Kit

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Precision machined, adjustable bumpstops are now available!  These were designed to work with any of our 0 degrees, 5 degrees, and 10 degrees caster blocks.  Bumpstops allow you to independantly control exactly how far each front wheel suspension will travel.  You can engage them just a little bit to keep your chassis from bottoming out, or you can engage them earlier to control how the car reacts in the corner.  One of the biggest benefits of running bumpstops is getting more weight on the left front wheel in the corners.  As the car enters the corner weight shifts diagonally to the RF wheel. The RF bumpstop engages and now the weight travels to the LF wheel. Then the LF bumpstop engages and applies weight down on the left wheel.  Bumpstops also can prevent rolling and keep the car level in the corners.

These bumpstops are slotted so that you can slide them forward or rearward depending on how much caster you are running.  The 2-56 screw is a nice snug fit so you can turn it to engage exactly where you want. 

This bumpstop kit comes with:
(2) quasi-isotropic carbon fiber bumpstops
(6) 2-56 washers
(6) 1/4" x 2-56 screws

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