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Dyno Roller Rubber Tubing

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This is the rubber tubing we use on the dyno rollers for awesome grip.  It is 2.7" bicycle tubing (measured flat). It has a slight curve to it, but it goes away after it's stretched on.


Installation Instructions:

Be prepared for sweating and possible cursing.


  1. Remove the 5 hex screws holding the right side dyno plate  (the side without the motor)
  2. Remove the spur gear off of the roller. Leave the Idler spur gear on
  3. While supporting the weight of the roller, gently wiggle the right side dyno plate off.
  4. Slowly, gently slide the roller out of the left side bearing. It will come out without force, it's about finding the exact alignment.  (note the shims for later installation)
  5. Remove the old tubing and glue from the roller. Clean the roller with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Invert the bicycle tubing so that it's inside out.
  7. Wash the bicycle tubing powder off in warm water with soap.
  8. Stretch the bicycle tubing as much as you can prior to installation.
  9. Kneel down and brace the roller in between your knees pointing it skyward.
  10. Spray the inside of the tubing with rubbing alcholol
  11. Summon your inner Hulk and stretch the tubing over the roller.
  12. Use your palms on either side to push the tubing on further.  If your hands or the outside of the tubing is wet, blow on it to dry it, but keep the inside wet.
  13. Work it on fully before the alcohol dries.  Leave a little overhanging the bearing edge. You will trim later.
  14. Take a long #2 Philips screwdriver, at an angle, roll it inbetween the roller and tubing. Roll it. Don't push or you could peirce the tubing.
  15. Slide a Q-tip with E6000 or similar glue under the tubing.  Roll the screw driver a little and repeat until you put a little glue under all of the tubing.
  16. Pull the screw driver out.
  17. Allow it to dry for at least a half day.
  18. Using a sharp X-acto blade, trim the excess tubing off of the bearing side only.
  19. Reasemble the dyno
  20. Spin the roller and hold an X-acto blade on the same spot to trim the inside edge of the tubing.
  21. Clean up the glue. You are done.
  22. For extra grip, put tire sauce on the tubing and remove it with a towel. This should only be done once.


An much easier alternative to install which provides tripple the rubber thickness is blank, black Child/Youth sized (6"-7") wrist bands (they are commonly sold in 1/2" widths, but can also be found in 3/4" and 1" wide sizes)
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